Biomass Trade & Bio Energy Africa

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Africa’s abundant agricultural resources can power up biomass energy plants locally as well as potentially make the region a key exporter of biomass feedstocks to Europe and other places! Players already making inroads into this market include:

  • South Africa’s upcoming R37.5 million biorefinery facility in Durban set to use biomass waste.
  • The Boeing Company has teamed with the South African government, South African Airways (SAA), the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and SKYNRG, to identify biofuel feed stocks in Africa.
  • Earth Energy plans a 20MW biomass power project in Uganda.
  • Sunbird Bioenergy Africa to invest USD 10 million to buy dry elephant grass (biomass) in Sierra Leone to produce electricity.

Connect and network with key players in this emerging biomass power market in Johannesburg to gain from key discussions on:

  • Promoting biomass usage in Africa – Snapshot of bioenergy policies & projects
  • Funding & financing for bioenergy projects in Africa
  • Biomass/bioenergy project risks & mitigations
  • Energy/heat generation through agricultural waste – oil palm & sugar biomass, rice husks, etc
  • Drivers for Biogas & Biofuels capacity growth
  • Biomass supply chain development in South & West Africa (wood pellets, wood chips, PKS, etc)
  • Inland logistics & port infrastructural development
  • Biomass export prospects in Europe/Asia
  • Developing sustainable & certified biomass products

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