Global machine market responding to increased business confidence

The signs are all around us. The global economy is slowly but surely responding to more favourable conditions and increased business confidence in the last year.

This is clearly visible if one looks at the figures achieved by the Italian machine manufacturing market in 2017.

The Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Manufacturers’ Association (Acimall) has, during a recent study, found that machinery manufacturers in the country are doing well and have seen a marked increase in production as well as exports in 2017.

Preliminary figures released by Acimall recently show that Italian manufacturers achieved a production value in 2017, of 2,29 billion Euro, which is up 11,6% compared to 2016.

The association went on to report that exports of Italian woodworking machines are also up and amounted to 1,6 billion Euro, an increase of 7,1% over 2016.

According to the report, the United States of America remains the country’s largest customer when it comes to woodworking machinery, accounting to toal sales in 2017 for 165 million Euro. The Americans are closely followed by Germany with total orders for the year standing at 105,8 million Euro and Poland, with total sales amounting to 102,4 million Euro in 2017.

France rounded out the top four with 92,5 million Euro worthof machine purchases for the year.

The country also recorded significantly increased imports of woodworking machines and components with imports increasing to 199 million Euro – a 10% increase from 2016.

The report says that the local machinery market continued to grow, driven by investment support measures introduced by the Italian government in recent years, and further growth is expected in the short and medium term.

If one looks at the trend, it suggests that the recent slump in the machines market may be slowly but surely coming to an end, with 743 million Euro spent locally on new machines in 2016, increasing to 894 million Euro in 2017.

According to the report, all the signs are there that the Italian woodworking machine market may soon approach the one billion Euro milestone.

Fourth quarter 2017

The fourth quarter of 2017 proved to be a golden time for Italian machine manufactirers with a 36,8% increase in sales reported compared with 2016.

August and July alone saw an increase of 42,9% in machine sales. This was mainly due to a sharp end-of-year increase in exports, which jumped with 35,2%, and local demand which grew by 49,5% from October to December, up from 19,7% in the second quarter of the year.

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