The 2nd DANA Africa Forest Industry Conference will be held at the Skukuza Conference Centre in Kruger National Park on 12 & 13 September 2017 and will be followed by a two-day Field Trip.

Conference organiser, DANA Director, Dennis Neilson, is delighted to have already effectively filled up all of the conference presentation slots, which include a number of keynote speakers.

“Following on from the first DANA event in Durban in 2015, we are very confident that this year’s event will be even more successful,” says Neilson.

“We have more than 20 presenters/panelists over two days, including 12 international speakers from 12 countries. While Africa has been a relative ‘laggard’ when it comes to attracting international investment finance for forestry and wood processing investment projects, the reasons why future wood demand – and investment returns – in this huge continent are compelling, and will be addressed at Skukuza,” he continues.

Held over two days: 12 and 13 September, the presentation line-up includes:

  • Three very high profile keynote speakers: Ole Sand, Managing Partner of Criterion Africa Partners, Stephen Jennings, CEO of Rendeavour Group, and Piet Van Zyl, CEO of York Timbers.
  • Speakers on the forestry/forest sectors of Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mosambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • A forest certification panel with both FSC and FEFC presenters.
  • Wood Product talks – on a major international plantation forestry/ pulp mill project, advanced breeding for eucalyptus sawlogs, the Africa wooden pole market, the global woodchips/ biomass market, and a huge African biomass energy project.

Field Trip

All visits for a two-day post-conference field trip on 14 and 15 September have been confirmed.

“We are delighted that White River-based forest industry consulting firm, Forest Solutions, has been able to organise a very productive set of visits,” says Nielson.

“Forest Solutions Director, Brad Shuttleworth, has already locked in stops at eucalyptus and pine nurseries and plantation forests, silviculture practices and manual and mechanised harvesting operations, visits to plywood plan, a pole merchandising yard and to a huge new dissolving pulp mill.

“In addition Gill Shuttleworth of Forest Solutions has been particularly helpful in setting up and managing many of the administrative details for this major African event.”

Neilson is especially pleased that the field trip stops will include visits to a Fire Command Centre with its approach to fire prevention and containment, an electronic fire detection system overview, and firefighting equipment and team structures.

“This aspect of plantation forestry management is especially vital for African forest investments,” says Neilson.

For the first time in organising 45 conferences, DANA has decided to move away from a traditional city hotel venue environment. “What better location anywhere in the world to try this new approach, than in the heart of the world-famous Kruger National Park?” Neilson asks.

The annual conference dinner this year takes the form of a braai (BBQ) in the middle of Kruger Park, following a post-conference first-day game drive.

Full details of the programme, speakers, online registration, venue and accommodation can be found on the website, or for further information regarding this conference and field trip, or any other queries, please email Julie Bell, Conference Organiser

**Discounted Registration is available to residents of African countries **

This event offers excellent opportunities for development of contacts and partnerships with key players in the African Forest and Wood Products sectors.

A wide selection of sponsorship packages, which Neilson expects will suit a range of budgets of companies wishing to have a high profile at the conference, are available.

For all details, see,or contact Brad Shuttleworth


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