Austria’s leading drill manufacturer Alpen on road to success

ALPEN-MAYKESTAG sets bar high with turnover expected to be increased by 8 per cent in anniversary year of 60 years.


ALPEN-MAYKESTAG, Austria’s leading manufacturer of high quality drilling and cutting tools, has undertaken quite a lot for 2017, the year in which the Salzburg family-owned company celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The record turnover of 45.2 million euro achieved during the 2015/2016 financial year by 320 employees is expected to grow a further eight per cent in the anniversary year.

The basis for this, besides the successful business development in recent years (2015/2016 sales increase: +7%, 2014/2015: +6.3%), are also numerous new customers in the high-tech and automotive supply industry in the EU, as well as the development of the dealer network in Latin America and the Middle East.

In addition, their sales network and product ranges are being continually expanded, the organization processes optimised, the specialist trade offered interesting POS options and promising investments made.

ALPEN HSS-Super (1) (Custom)

For instance, over five million euro went into the construction of a new production building at the facility in St. Gallen, where more than 100,000 drill bits a day are produced for metal, stone, concrete, wood, glass, and ceramic under the “Alpen” brand.

“With our high-tech products, which above all score highly due to innovative spirit combined with reliable quality, we are setting the bar on the international tool market quite high,” says ALPEN-MAYKESTAG Managing Director, Wolfgang Stangassinger.

Examples of this are the new high performance drill generation, ‘Speeddrill 4.0’, which sets revolutionary standards for the metalworking industry, and the universal twist drill bit, ‘ALPEN Sprint Master’, which uses an optimised drill bit geometry to reduce the drilling time by around a third.

Both product lines were launched on the market This year.

French, Polish and South Africans love hammer drills “Made in Austria”

Alpen-Maykestag, Eröffnung Produktionshalle

The Austrian drill bits and cutters are supplied under the two brands of “ALPEN” (drill bits for specialist shops, crafts, and trades) and “MAYKESTAG” (machining tools for the metalworking industry and automotive industry, aircraft technology etc.) to more than 70 countries around the world.

The export share is more than 80 per cent. In this respect, for example, above all hammer drill bits and porcelain tile drill bits are in high demand in France and in Poland solid carbide cutters.

“Every year around 36 million high quality drilling and cutting tools are produced, mainly from domestic steel, at three production sites owned by the company Puch-Urstein/Salzburg, St. Gallen/Styria, and Ferlach/Carinthia,” said Dale Englebrecht, Director Vermont Sales SA.

“The wide range includes around 16,000 products, which is huge, their drill bit diameters range from 0.4 mm to eighty mm with a length of up to one metre, thus there is really nothing Alpen can’t handle being the leading drilling and cutting operator worldwide.”

(Source: Vermont Sales)

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