Forestry ’20

TAT ‘2019

Fantastic Focus on Forestry

For the first time in its history, Focus on Forestry attracted over 300 conference goers, and they were
captivated by the information shared by the international and local presenters, and the technologies
and services available from the exhibitors.


In This Issue

Invaluable outdoor power tools handbook launched

All forestry growers are urged to download a soft-copy or get hold of a printed version of

The South African Outdoor Power Equipment Safety and Operating Handbook.



Sustainable forests for customers and the future

Delivering long-term excellence and service in supply-chain management requires innovation.

By Jed Krige, senior director, forestry and milling at CHEP SA


Increased productivity for Tekwani's Normandien Sawmill

Tekwani’s investment in a Wood-Mizer Titan hybrid sawing line is resulting in improved efficiencies at its
Normandien Sawmill, located near Newcastle, in KwaZulu-Natal

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Lignosulphonate improves gravel road surfaces

Speaking at Focus on Forestry 2019, Eric Schubert, sales manager at Sappi Biotech’s Lignin division, informed forest engineers about the advantages
of using Lignex for dust suppression and the stabilisation of plantation roads

Forestry workhorses

Meeting timber production quotas, while bearing safety in mind, LVT has combined New Holland tractors with Igland winches to produce a hybrid workhorse for use deep in the forest – but that’s not all…

Johan Sutherlarnd, salesman of longstanding for Laeveld Trekkers (LVT), is effusive about the machines that the company produces – and rightly so, as they supply sturdy workhorses to the forestry section.


Lost art of chairmaking

Mike Dunbar discusses the evolution of the Windsor Chair and its influence on chair manufacturing.

A type of chair developed in England shortly after 1700, by 1740, Windsors were introduced to Philadelphia. There, these chairs underwent a transformation; their designs and construction became thoroughly Americanised and, in a matter of decades, became the dominant seating form in the new Republic.

The benefits of a professional body

As a professional body for the engineered timber construction industry, the ITC-SA’s vision is to create and maintain the highest standards in the engineered timber construction industry by monitoring its membership, continuously improving standards, promoting and marketing engineered timber structures, and overseeing the training and development of its members.

How to prepare for tree felling

Although many of our readers are experienced in the field, Husqvarna has put this handy reference together for your felling team, as one can never know too much on any subject and these pointers serve as a good reminder.

The world best automatic clamps

The new clamps automatically adjust to match the thickness of your material, no matter the thickness. Simply set the clamping pressure you want and let Automaxx technology handle the rest. The new Kreg Automaxx clamps are available in Face, Bench and Bar Clamp models with several size options.